Nozawa onsen

Nozawa Onsen: Ski And Snowboard in The Best Hot Spring Paradise

In early April, we went to ski for the very first time. We gathered up our courage, brought all our excitement, and drove a bit under 4 hours from Tokyo to the town (technically a village) of Nozawa Onsen (sometimes written as nozawaonsen), in Nagano prefecture, north-west of Tokyo. NOZAWA ONSEN Nozawa Onsen is a … Read more

How to Karaoke

How to Go to The Karaoke – Japan’s Ultimate Form of Entertainment

While probably everyone in the world knows what karaoke (カラオケ) is, it’s a little known fact that the world famous drunken activity was invented in Japan. In fact, karaoke is a combination of the Japanese word 空 (kara, empty), and orchestra (oke). Karaoke is a major part of Japanese culture and a favorite destination for everyone from teenager on … Read more