The Best Sneaker Brands in Japan Right Now!

The Best Sneaker Brands in Japan Right Now!

Sneakerheads assemble. This one is for you. While Japanese high fashion, and street fashion, and even casual wear thanks to Uniqlo, are all very popular abroad, Japanese sneakers have for the most part not had the same worldwide impact. The same craftsmanship and detail that goes into other areas of fashion also apply here, so … Read more

How to Get the Maximum out of Shopping at Uniqlo!

Uniqlo doesn’t really need to be introduced anymore. The clothing retailer went from a Japan only store for most of its existence to violently expanding worldwide with a presence today in 19 different countries. There’s a chance you already shop quite regularly at Uniqlo, but if you do not, we’re here to tell you all … Read more

What to Wear: The Best Japanese Street Fashion Trends From 2019!

Japanese Street Fashion Trends 2019

In our previous article – The Most Influential Japanese Fashion Brands you Need to Know – we mention how big a market Japan is when it comes to fashion. But beyond that, it is also a major source of inspiration for fashion brands. When it comes to street fashion, especially, since it allows a lot … Read more

15 Japanese Anime Movies You Can Absolutely Not Miss!

Japanese anime movies

Over the last few months, we’ve been compiling a list of the must watch Japanese anime series of all genres.  We were going to include films to it. Working on it, however, I felt Japanese anime movies deserve their own article, because there are so many which I believe everyone, whether they know they are … Read more

Restaurants You Should Check Out in Akihabara

bowl of ramen In Akihabara

The Akihabara (秋葉原) Electric Town is famous for being the capital for video games, anime, manga, and all things otaku. Akihabara is often where tourists make their first stop in the Japanese capital, whether on a sacred pilgrimage to the holy land of their beloved otaku subculture, or simply for the sights one can only … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Anime and Otaku Stores in Akihabara

Pokemon card in showcase In Akihabara

While Akihabara is not geographically large, it contains a frightening amount of tightly spaced, multi-storied shops. Because of the multitudes of shops, and the chaos surrounding them, it can be very hard to shop effectively, and very easy to get lost. If you’re planning on going to the Akihabara Electric Town to buy anime-related goods, … Read more