How to Get the Maximum out of Shopping at Uniqlo!

Uniqlo doesn’t really need to be introduced anymore. The clothing retailer went from a Japan only store for most of its existence to violently expanding worldwide with a presence today in 19 different countries. There’s a chance you already shop quite regularly at Uniqlo, but if you do not, we’re here to tell you all … Read more

Japanese Street Fashion Trends 2019

What to Wear: The Best Japanese Street Fashion Trends From 2019!

In our previous article – The Most Influential Japanese Fashion Brands you Need to Know – we mention how big a market Japan is when it comes to fashion. But beyond that, it is also a major source of inspiration for fashion brands. When it comes to street fashion, especially, since it allows a lot … Read more

Japanese Fashion Trend

Japan’s Most Influential Fashion Brands You Need to Know

Japan has always had its “cool factor”, and that goes from the otaku culture, its technology, but also applies heavily in arts and fashion. The Japanese have not only adapted foreign fashion and molded it as their own, they have themselves influenced fashion brands and trends in the world. The country has produced a number … Read more

All you need to know about yukata

All You Need to Know About Yukata – The Traditional Japanese Clothing

If you have ever watched Japanese anime involving school life, or love stories, such as ‘Your name’ etc., I’m pretty sure that you have already seen yukata (浴衣). Yukata is Japanese traditional clothing and as a Japanese, I can guarantee you that most Japanese have put on a yukata at least once in their life. … Read more