Japanese words

The Most Common Japanese Words You Need to Know From a Native Speaker!

Japan is such a unique country. We have our culture mixing Asian and American tastes. The Japanese language: Nihongo, hase 3 different script components: hiragana, katakana, and kanji, therefore it makes it hard to read. On the other hand, speaking is very simple and most foreigners can pronounce things very easily (then accents become the … Read more

Otashift @ Lake Taisho

All You Need to Know About Kamikochi: Japanese Alps!

From mid-April to mid-November, going to the Kamikochi valley is a unique way to enjoy Japan’s landscapes while escaping the unbearable moist heat of its summer. Part of the Northern Japan Alps, and conveniently accessible from the major hubs of central Japan, Kamikochi receives around two million visitors every year. The best way to find … Read more

Japanese international airpots: Narita and Haneda

How to Be Strategic About Getting to Tokyo From Narita and Haneda Airports

If you come to Japan, most of you will arrive in either Narita International Airport or Haneda International Airport. These Japanese international airports are in the outer of Tokyo metropolitan region and  chances are you will be confused which transportation method you should use. Here, the most complicated part even for native Japanese is how … Read more

Toyosu fish market In Toyosu Fish Market

Tsukiji is Gone. Here’s How You Must Visit The New Toyosu Fish Market

Eating the best possible sushi probably sits high on the list of foods for most travelers coming to Japan. The Tsukiji fish market (=築地市場) was one of the most popular places to achieve that goal. In October 2018, the world famous Tsukiji fish market moved to an area called Toyosu (=豊洲), which is just next to Odaiba (=お台場). We’ve visited the … Read more