bowl of ramen In Akihabara

Restaurants You Should Check Out in Akihabara

The Akihabara (秋葉原) Electric Town is famous for being the capital for video games, anime, manga, and all things otaku. Akihabara is often where tourists make their first stop in the Japanese capital, whether on a sacred pilgrimage to the holy land of their beloved otaku subculture, or simply for the sights one can only … Read more

Yodobashi Akiba

Electronic Stores in Akihabara: a Guide to Yodobashi Camera

Akihabara(=秋葉原) has a long history as the center of electronics in Tokyo. After World War II, Tokyo saw a boom in black markets, as residents struggled for money. One of of the black markets in Akihabara, a student started a popular handmade radio equipment shop. The popularity of his shop drew others who started dealing … Read more

Pokemon card in showcase In Akihabara

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Anime and Otaku Stores in Akihabara

While Akihabara is not geographically large, it contains a frightening amount of tightly spaced, multi-storied shops. Because of the multitudes of shops, and the chaos surrounding them, it can be very hard to shop effectively, and very easy to get lost. If you’re planning on going to the Akihabara Electric Town to buy anime-related goods, … Read more

Welcome to Akihabara and Here’s What You Need to Try in The Anime Mecca!

Those among us who are into Japanese anime, manga, and video games, have at some point heard about Akihabara. Akihabara is the de-facto capital of all those within Tokyo, which makes it the de-facto capital for Japan, and even the world. Akiba (for short), has a long history in electronics and technology, but for the … Read more