The Best Sneaker Brands in Japan Right Now!

The Best Sneaker Brands in Japan Right Now!

Sneakerheads assemble. This one is for you. While Japanese high fashion, and street fashion, and even casual wear thanks to Uniqlo, are all very popular abroad, Japanese sneakers have for the most part not had the same worldwide impact. The same craftsmanship and detail that goes into other areas of fashion also apply here, so … Read more

What to Wear: The Best Japanese Street Fashion Trends From 2019!

Japanese Street Fashion Trends 2019

In our previous article – The Most Influential Japanese Fashion Brands you Need to Know – we mention how big a market Japan is when it comes to fashion. But beyond that, it is also a major source of inspiration for fashion brands. When it comes to street fashion, especially, since it allows a lot … Read more

How to Be Strategic About Getting to Tokyo From Narita and Haneda Airports

Japanese international airpots: Narita and Haneda

If you come to Japan, most of you will arrive in either Narita International Airport or Haneda International Airport. These Japanese international airports are in the outer of Tokyo metropolitan region and  chances are you will be confused which transportation method you should use. Here, the most complicated part even for native Japanese is how … Read more

All You Need to Know Before Going to Comiket in Japan


Comic Market, usually shortened to Comiket (the “t” is silent) is arguably the otaku world’s most important fan convention. The biannual dojin market has grown into the largest fan convention in the world, welcoming much larger crowds than even Sand Diego Comic-Con International. Comiket, is very special in the way that it is run, and … Read more