Ultimate Cheapo Shopping: Review of Tokyo’s Largest Daiso 100 Yen Shop Products

Hundred yen stores are, as you can probably guess, stores where everything costs 100 yen. Daiso (=ザ・ダイソー) is one such store. Although Daiso is a Japanese brand, there are various locations worldwide, including in Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and other Asian countries, as well as 29 stores in the USA, and others in every continent except … Read more

Sakura hanami in Japan

What Is Hanami and How to Plan the Best Sakura Viewing

Ask most people to represent Japan in one picture, and more often than not it will be a shinkansen going past Mt. Fuji, with a cherry blossoms scattered in the background. While Mt. Fuji and Shinkasen are omnipresent throughout the year, however, cherry blossoms are not. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, they are only ephemeral. When … Read more

Japanese Fashion Trend

Japan’s Most Influential Fashion Brands You Need to Know

Japan has always had its “cool factor”, and that goes from the otaku culture, its technology, but also applies heavily in arts and fashion. The Japanese have not only adapted foreign fashion and molded it as their own, they have themselves influenced fashion brands and trends in the world. The country has produced a number … Read more

How to Karaoke

How to Go to The Karaoke – Japan’s Ultimate Form of Entertainment

While probably everyone in the world knows what karaoke (カラオケ) is, it’s a little known fact that the world famous drunken activity was invented in Japan. In fact, karaoke is a combination of the Japanese word 空 (kara, empty), and orchestra (oke). Karaoke is a major part of Japanese culture and a favorite destination for everyone from teenager on … Read more