Studio Ghibli

Discover The Best Studio Ghibli Movies With Surprising Trivia

Studio Ghibli (スタジオジブリ) is probably the most famous and beloved Japanese animation studio in the world. Studio Ghibli has produced over its 30+ years some of the best movies, animated or not. Those movies are not only well animated, and were ahead of their time, they were also profound, with deep meaning, and caricaturing societal issues. … Read more


All You Need to Know Before Going to Comiket in Japan

Comic Market, usually shortened to Comiket (the “t” is silent) is arguably the otaku world’s most important fan convention. The biannual dojin market has grown into the largest fan convention in the world, welcoming much larger crowds than even Sand Diego Comic-Con International. Comiket, is very special in the way that it is run, and … Read more

Welcome to Akihabara and Here’s What You Need to Try in The Anime Mecca!

Those among us who are into Japanese anime, manga, and video games, have at some point heard about Akihabara. Akihabara is the de-facto capital of all those within Tokyo, which makes it the de-facto capital for Japan, and even the world. Akiba (for short), has a long history in electronics and technology, but for the … Read more